“Meet The Talented” is a platform for emerging artists in Zimbabwe, including musicians, poets, painters, dancers, Instrumentalists, among many. This platform provides artists with recognition and visibility from our followers on social media networks and an opportunity to be selected for the Gifted and Talented concerts. Interested artists should send their videos on WhatsApp to +263 71 9122 397 or by email to afdeharare@gmail.com.

The Africa2020 Season supports the Mobile Film Festival edition dedicated to the African continent.  
It is an audiovisual competition for which participants must make a one-minute film with a mobile phone.  
The call for films will close on July 7.
More information is available on the links below.  
Here is also the teaser of this contest:   https://youtu.be/8mMLjBKs2LU
On facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/MobileFilmFestivalAfrica/videos/353300512310898
This year again, the winning films will then be broadcast on the IFCinéma platform:   https://ifcinema.institutfrancais.com/fr/movie?id=1a396027-cafd-2c59-a010-c0e4b8c66fd1